Cuxhaven district

With its approximately 205,000 inhabitants, Cuxhaven district is one of the biggest in the state of Lower Saxony. District capital Cuxhaven is the business centre situated in the north of the district.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Cuxhaven district

With a healthy combination of charming countryside, high quality, yet reasonably priced commercial and industrial sites, as well as a variety of leisure possibilities, the Cuxhaven economic region has lots of space for ideas.

The region’s particular areas of expertise are food industry, fisheries, renewable energies, maritime business, logistics, as well as pharmaceuticals/health care management. The tourism sector, which has always been strong, is being enhanced by the growth of the health care branch of tourism.

The endless kilometres of beaches in this holiday destination between the North Sea and Elbe and Weser rivers invites holidaymakers to unwind. Lying in the sun here is just as pleasant as surfing the North Sea waves. The scenic charms of the region are not confined to the beaches. Heathland and tranquil peat bogs, lush marshland meadows and the parched alluvial fields of the “Geest” invite excursions, cycling trips, horse riding or exploring its waterways.

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