Lower Saxony Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony has lots to offer: Cultural, scenic and traditional attractions aside, Germany’s second biggest state is also a successful location for business.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Lower Saxony

It is home to Volkswagen AG, Europe’s largest car producer, which has built more than 50 million Volkswagens. The proportion of jobs connected with car manufacture is double the national average.

Farming plays a comparatively strong role. But it would no longer be correct to classify Lower Saxony as an agricultural state. Hanover Fair and the CeBIT computer fair have made the Hanover area the world’s leading trade fair location. Universities steeped in tradition in Brunswick and Göttingen, the medical school in Hanover and numerous extra-mural research institutes, reflect the close links between academia and business.

The state features an attractive landscape that extends between the Ems and Elbe rivers, the mountain tops of the Harz and the maritime North Sea climate.

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