Lüchow-Dannenberg district

This district is the most easterly district of Lower Saxony and, with only about 52,000 inhabitants, it is also the least populated one in Germany.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Lüchow-Dannenberg district

The name Hanover Wendland (sometimes used, but often shortened to Wendland) comes from Wenden (Polaben), Slavs inhabiting the German-speaking area, who settled here around the 9th century and have left behind the typical circular village settlement patterns.

This area unites a varied and attractive choice of culture and nature. Whether it’s the Elbufer-Drawehn country park, biosphere reserves, the Elbe cycling route, Wendland circular villages, museums, or the range of activities available to horse-riders, cyclists, walkers – visitors will find a unique natural landscape with numerous cultural attractions. Thanks to its climate, variety of unspoilt areas and low density of population – also due to extensive flooding of the Elbe in the past – the Lüchow-Dannenberg district still boasts an enormous biodiversity as well as some rare flora and fauna – a fascinating backdrop for visitors who want to ride the Elbe cycling route or explore the Elbe valley flood plain (Elbtalaue) biosphere reserve.

The half-timbered building style has a long tradition in the region. Well-preserved old town quarters in many places such as Hitzacker, Dannenberg, Lüchow are evidence that this culture has existed for centuries.

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