Rotenburg (Wümme) district

Between the cities of Hamburg and Bremen lies Rotenburg (Wümme) district. The A1 motorway, a major economic artery, intersects the district, providing fantastic communications.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Rotenburg (Wümme) district

Many internationally successful companies have chosen to locate in this administrative district, such as Nordmilch AG in Zeven. Its economic centres are Rotenburg (Wümme), Bremervörde, Zeven and Sittensen. A strong and varied community of small and medium-sized businesses is the backbone of business activity in the district. Major sectors include first and foremost the food industry, engineering and vehicle production, and timber processing.

In addition to processing industries, modern agriculture also plays a significant role. The area leads Lower Saxony in its dynamic and innovative commitment to using biomass. So it is no coincidence that the market leader in production of biomass plants, MT Energie, is based in Rotenburg administrative district.

Tradition and good quality of life go hand in hand here. The intact natural environment and charming countryside make the district of Rotenburg (Wümme) a winner for holidays and excursions. The woodland, peat moor and river valleys of the Oste and Wümme invite exploration, by bike, canoe, on horseback or on foot.

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