Steinburg district

The Schleswig-Holstein district of Steinburg, which extends over 1,056.2 sq km, lies in the triangle between the Lower Elbe and the Kiel Canal.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Steinburg district

The district administrative centre is Itzehoe. Together with the southern district of Pinneberg and the northern district of Dithmarschen, Steinburg is a component of the region of SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN LOWER ELBE.

Between the flat marshes and the more undulating, wooded “Geest” margins is a landscape that is unspectacular yet wonderful, inviting visitors to switch off and forget the stresses of everyday life: Nothing but nature for relaxation and exploring. Aukrug nature park begins in the northeast. The Stör, the third longest river in Schleswig-Holstein, flows through Steinburg district, where it enters the Elbe. The deepest point in Germany lies in Wilstermarsch near Neuendorf: it is 3.54m below sea level.

Prinzeßhof district museum, the oldest secular building in administrative capital Itzehoe, one can tread in historic footsteps: the building’s core dates from the 16th century. It's worth a visit!

Most companies in the local business community are small and medium-sized, with fewer than 100 employees. Growth is primarily generated by manufacturing industry as well as production-related services.

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