Our success-story: growing together

The enormous economic opportunities that would emerge from joint efforts between the city of Hamburg and the Prussian provinces surrounding it were recognised way back in the 1920s.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Our success-story: growing together

Today, too, the objective of cooperation across Länder boundaries is to improve the structure of the region. Together we are creating milestones on our way into the future with concerted spatial and transport planning, interconnection of regional infrastructure and new joint concepts to deal with demographic change.

For a strong and competitive Hamburg Metropolitan Region we’re happy to live in!

The history of Hamburg Metropolitan Region

Hamburg planner Fritz Schumacher was the first to consider an axial concept of settlement development.

Hamburg-Prussian regional planning committee established to formulate a regional planning concept.

Joint bilateral regional planning activities launched between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg and Lower Saxony.

Establishment of Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg / Lower Saxony development funds.

REK 1996/REK 2000 regional development concepts are concluded and the Metropolitan Region expands into the districts of Steinburg, Cuxhaven, Soltau-Fallingbostel, Lüchow-Dannenberg, Uelzen, and Brunsbüttel economic zone.

The Hamburg Metropolitan Region’s “internationalisation strategy” is agreed and cooperation reorganised. The rural districts, towns and parishes become supporting organisations and the whole of Dithmarschen district joins the Metropolitan Region.

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