Lobbying Lobbying for Metropolitan Regions: IKM

Hamburg Metropolitan Region takes part regularly in meetings of IKM, the German initiative of European Metropolitan Regions in Germany and is a member of various IKM working groups. In addition to exchanges of ideas, all-important for Metropolitan Regions, IKM also has a hand in opinion-building and the positioning of the eleven German Metropolitan Regions and is specifically concerned with improving the competitiveness and competence of the Metropolitan Regions.


Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Lobbying for Metropolitan Regions: IKM

The priority of the IKM is to encourage and develop an efficient metropolitan network in Germany and to expand cooperation between Metropolitan Regions. It also develops benchmarks and data monitoring records on a continual basis, as well as strategy comparisons on issues of spatial development, business development promotion, regional governance and other areas.

More information: www.deutsche-metropolregionen.org