European jour fixe

In future the Hamburg Metropolitan Region will be holding regular “EU jour fixe” meetings between the Hanse Office (representing Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein in Brussels), as well as the EU representatives of districts flanking Hamburg in the Metropolitan Region.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – European jour fixe

Taking part on behalf of the Schleswig-Holstein districts will be EU representatives from Pinneberg and Herzogtum Lauenburg. Close cooperation on specialist European political topics between the City of Hamburg and outlying districts aims at concerted development of common regional strengths by means of the Metropolitan Region’s internationalisation strategy. This is because many specific European issues – environment or transport, for example, or structural and regional support – affect not only the city nucleus of Hamburg, but also have a direct bearing on the surrounding Metropolitan Region districts.

One task of the EU jour fixe, therefore, will also be the selective analysis of EU programmes to identify financial support prospects for joint projects in the Metropolitan Region.

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