Conferences METREX Hamburg Conference on Integration

17 to 19 June 2009

Metropolregion Hamburg METREX conference integration

In this day and age the process of developing a metropolitan region into a growing, vibrant entity that attracts international notice very much depends on how well the integration of a steadily growing number of people with immigrant backgrounds can be made to work. A key integration role will fall to the jobs market. The labour market must become more accessible to people from immigrant families. Moreover, we must unlock their potential and put their intercultural skills to use.


The network of European metropolitan regions, METREX, and the metropolitan region of Hamburg are therefore holding a conference from 17 to 19 June 2009 in Hamburg to discuss collaboration in efforts to promote integration, with a special emphasis on integration in terms of education and jobs.

The aims of the “METREX Hamburg Conference on Integration” are as follows:

• To promote cooperation and exchange between cities and metropolitan regions in Europe to establish effective best practice

• To document and publish best practices which can be applied in other towns.

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