Intraregional benchmarking

Intraregional benchmarking

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The online regional monitoring system makes available more than 100 statistical parameters and key data in 13 charts.

Additionally, interactive maps are available on each of the following topics, for 2004 to 2006:

  • Population and demographic trends
  • Migration
  • Employment, workforce
  • Commuters
  • Unemployment
  • Growth and economic capacity, disposable income
  • Turnover, companies and workplaces
  • Real tax revenue, debt and building land value
  • Land utilisation
  • Tourism
  • Commercial and private rentals

The online regional monitoring system was developed by the Northern Germany Statistical Office on behalf of Hamburg Metropolitan Region. Through this system, investors, planners, companies, citizens and the authorities can gain an enormously detailed overview of development in Hamburg Metropolitan Region and its rural districts and municipalities. The data can then be saved and used as the basis for further researches. It also contains a catalogue of definitions.

A technical tip:
To be able to use this service, you need the newest Java applet, which can be downloaded free here.

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