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Hamburg Metropolitan Region: Legal notice and copyright

This website is operated by the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The project is financed by the Lower Saxony/Hamburg nad Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg development funds.

Website operator / Overall responsibility:
Hamburg Metropolitan Region Office
Jakob Richter
Senate Chancellery Planning Staff
Hermannstraße 15
200095 Hamburg

Chief editor
Marion Köhler

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hamburg.de GmbH & Co. KG
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Phone: +40 40-688757-600

The homepage layout, the graphics and images used, as well as the content, are protected by copyright. All rights, also those appertaining to photomechanical reproduction, duplication and distribution through special technology (e.g. data processing, data storage media and data networks), even partially, are retained by the operator.

The operator is not responsible for links from www.english.metropolregion.hamburg.de  to external content. Content was examined for illegality or criminal liability when the links were established. It cannot, however, be precluded that content may have been altered since by the organisation concerned. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region Secretariat has no obligation to monitor linked content. If you believe linked external pages contravene prevailing legislation or have unsuitable content, please let us know.

Data protection
You can in principle make use of the Internet content without making your personal data public. The web server only temporarily documents the domain name or IP address of the enquiring computer, the file enquiry of the client, the http answer code and the website from which you are visiting us. We analyse this information for statistical purposes. No evaluation of personal profiles takes place. No data are passed on to third parties.

Any personal data will only be obtained with your consent, for example when you send us an email. If it is necessary in order to answer your question, your enquiry will be passed on to the relevant organisation responsible for that matter. Apart from this, however, data will not be passed on to third parties or used for any other purpose than the one in hand.

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