Green trend

There’s a new trend in commercial real estate: Green building. It was also the focus of the Expansion commercial property fair in June 2008.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Green trend

Sustainable construction

Although it is long established in construction of private houses and apartments, the idea of sustainable, cost-saving construction is also increasingly in focus for commercial property.

Steps towards a greener future include projects such as „Green Building“ from the German energy agency, „Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (Dena)“, which promotes environmentally friendly renovation from non-residential buildings, as well as the introduction of a so-called energy passport for houses in summer 2008, an official quality rating system for energy consumption of buildings.

EXPANSION, North Germany’s biggest commercial property trade fair in June 2008, also focused on cost-custting and climate protection through energy efficiency in commercial and industrial property. After all, around 40 per cent of European energy consumption is by buildings.

Good situation in Hamburg’s real estate market

High demand, low vacancy rates, rising rentals. The situation in the Hamburg real estate market could not be better. Worldwide, Hamburg is seen as one of the top three cities in Europe.

This is the outcome of an up to date study by professional services specialist PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI): in a poll of 490 European property experts, they voted Hamburg into third place after Moscow and Istanbul as the world’s most attractive locations for investment property. The reason is partly the City of Hamburg’s active industrial and commercial sites’ policy. Around 50 per cent of urban sites are the property of the city and its public enterprises.

“Space for growth and new prospects for urban development,” says Dr. Hannes Alpheis from the real estate management department in Hamburg’s finance ministry, “are offered by the recently acquired, 120-hectare-plus conversion sites which, after revitalisation, will be turned into attractive living and working areas again.”

New initiatives out of the region: Nordgate

There’s a lot going on in the region, not only in Hamburg. The newest project is Nordgate. This is the umbrella brand under which Neumünster, Bad Bramstedt, Kaltenkirchen, Quickborn, Henstedt-Ulzburg and Norderstedt present themselves as a joint economic region, which should sharpen their profile outside the region and help them to market their industrial and commercial sites offensively.

Says Marc-Mario Bertermann, managing director of egno, the Norderstedt development corporation mbH.: “Under the brand umbrella of Nordgate, the towns north of Hamburg along the A7, are bundling their strengths. As the ‘Gateway to the Metropolitan Region’, we also have a clear profile outside the region - which benefits the economic region as a whole.“

Commercial sites map

Published for the first time in the last issue, Gewerbekarte the map of commercial and industrial sites of 10 hectares and upwards of Hamburg Metropolitan Region is going to be continued.

As well as the sites displayed, there are other smaller units on offer. For example, Hamburg currently has a total of 38 sites under development.

The real estate market is in constant fluctuation. Quite a lot has changed in the meantime.

New industrial estates have been added, other sites were wholly or partially sold. The commercial and industrial sites Gewerbekarte map updated to the current situation.

(Source: Hamburg Metropolitan Region magazine 01/08)

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