Röttiger barracks Hamburg Metropolitan Region

The project’s objective is to create pleasant near-natural living space on a former military barracks site. Attractive commercial sites with good transport links are also planned.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Lead project Röttiger barracks

The former Röttiger barracks are situated on Hamburg’s southwest edge in Harburg district and overlap southwards into the Fischbecker Heide former exercise area, which is in Neu Wulmstorf, a Lower Saxony municipality. Both the barracks and the exercise area were home for decades to armoured artillery and armoured grenadiers, who underwent training here. After the German military had decided to wind up the barracks, a working group was set up under the umbrella of Hamburg Metropolitan Region to work out an interstate concept for future civilian use.

The objective of this lead project is to coordinate development plans for conversion of this site, which overlaps state boundaries. One of the goals is to create attractive housing space in near-natural surroundings with public transport connections. Commercial sites will be developed with excellent transport links, directly adjacent to the main B73 road. The new housing sites will be intermeshed with areas of high quality nature reserve in the former troop exercise ground of Fischbecker Heide and enriched with a variety of sport and recreational infrastructure.

An architecture “Olympiad” (urban planning competition) for the Röttiger barracks site was carried out in 2006/2007. The master plan was completed in January 2007, integrating the results of expert advice on future use for the area.

The job is largely completed. Conversion will be finished by 2012, when the actual implementation begins. Until then the lead project will remain in place as a coordination platform.

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