Bergedorf-Reinbek local communities` forum

The “intercommunal forum for retail development” in the Hamburg-Bergedorf area, south Stormarn and western Lauenburg, aims at sensitising local councils to the regional repercussions of large-scale retail projects and steering towards a balanced and efficient structure of services in this subregion.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Bergedorf-Reinbek local communities` forum

Relocations and expansion projects of more than 800 sq m, as well as smaller schemes outside integrated areas, will also be reported to the managing office, which rotates annually. Planned projects will be subjected to an accelerated test by a specialist adviser. If any doubts arise, these will be cleared up in a subsequent mediated meeting of the partners. The forum meets several times a year at irregular intervals.

The task is largely fulfilled: the basic data, procedural regulations and analysis criteria for agreement were developed by May 2006, as planned. Plans for new occupancy have been put to the vote in the forum on an ongoing basis since July 2006. In August 2007 the working group responsible for new locations analysed the intermediate results of the project and made a comparison with similar organisations in the Dortmund and Lübeck regions. At the moment discussions are under way over whether to start a new lead project after expiry of the initial lead project in October 2008. In addition to its tasks hitherto, it would also be charged with expanding on the accelerated tests and setting goals for development.

Positive experience with the project so far also prompted the extension of the trilateral agreement of the Metropolitan Region’s development concept of 2000. Rural districts will also in future be part of the coordination of commercial relocation projects involving large-scale retailers and major leisure facilities; in line with the agreement, they plan to make more effort to keep each other informed.

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