Research Project KLIMZUG-NORD: Strategies adapted to climate changes concerning Hamburg Metropolitan Region

Rising floods in the river Elbe, additional parasites affecting the local agriculture, as well as more frequent flooding of houses due to intensified rainfalls: More and more frequently these potential disasters take place simultaneously. The project KLIMZUG-NORD is exploring solutions to cope with the consequences of climate changes in the metropolitan area of Hamburg.

A car of the firebrigade in the floods at Hamburg's fishmarket. High tide at Hamburg's Fishmarket

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Klimzug Nord - strategies adapted to climate changes

Partners of KLIMZUG-NORD are going to research the consequences of climate changes to urban areas, agricultural sites and the tidal riverbed of the Elbe within the city of Hamburg. Taking into account research data, environmental planning, city law, and economic plans, a range of action plans are going to be recommended. The target entails a coordinated action plan for the city regions, including a master plan which reaches to the year 2050.

Partners of KLIMZUG-NORD include 6 universities, 6 research centers, 10 offices related to city affairs, and 11 companies. Other partners have joined the project. Along with these, there are 8 neighbouring counties of Niedersachsen (Lower-Saxony) and 6 of Schleswig-Holstein who are supporting this project.

The plan is to extend the project KLIMZUG-NORD over a period of five years with a budget of around €25m, including a substantial support of €15m by the central government. Participants are largely supplying their own funds and an additional €1.2m will be contributed by the city of Hamburg.

The main objectives of this project are the exchange of ideas among various scientific disciplines, local administration and various interest groups with an additional effect of creating employment, and encouraging an exchange with the local population. KLIMZUG-NORD is going to talk to approximately 4 million citizens of the metropolitan area to create an awareness of the consequences of climate changes.

Official Klimzug-Nord website

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