Economic centre

More than one thousand years after the foundation of the Port of Hamburg, Hamburg and its neighbouring areas form North Europe’s most important commercial and economic centre. Around 13,000 additional companies swell the numbers in the Metropolitan Region every year.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Economic centre

With its workforce of approx. 155,000 people, the Port of Hamburg is the Metropolitan Region’s most important employer. Not only is it Germany’s largest universal port, it is also an important distribution point for flows of goods in the North and Baltic sea regions. In 2007, 9.89m standard containers (TEUs) were handled in the port. This makes Hamburg one of the world’s top 10 port locations.

At the same time, Hamburg is unrivalled in its Asian expertise anywhere in Germany. This is impressively proven by the presence in Hamburg of more than 400 companies from China, some 100 from Japan, 50 from Taiwan and 40 from Hong Kong. In 2007 container handling to and from China alone amounted to 3,175 million TEU. Since 2002, annual growth of the port’s container trade with China has been running at a two-digit average (+23.2 per cent).

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