The Metropolitan Region's locational advantages are based on its good transport links on the Elbe, with the Port of Hamburg providing access to the North and Baltic Seas – and therefore all countries of the world.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Infrastructure

The metropolis also has good road and rail connections in Europe. The A1 and A7 motorways are amongst Germany’s most vital routes. The planned fixed crossing over the Fehmarn Belt also shifts the whole Scandinavian market closer to the Metropolitan Region. The A24 is a fast route to Berlin and, one day in the near future, the A20 will link the whole coast from the Netherlands to Poland. The A21 and A39 will provide further relief for the existing transport routes around Hamburg. Rail connections are also highly developed. Europe’s largest rail marshalling yard is located in Maschen.

Every day, around 200 flights from Hamburg airport connect the Metropolitan Region with the European capitals Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Prague, Stockholm and St. Petersburg, for example. There are daily non-stop flights to New York and Dubai – and from Dubai on to almost all destinations in Asia.

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