Maritime – and how!

“Hamburg on the Elbe” is known all over the world: the term conjures up both modern seafaring, with vast container ships and giant cruise vessels, and the inimitable atmosphere around the port. HafenCity, the newest of more than 100 urban districts, is being built from scratch and covers an area of around 155 hectares.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Maritime – and how!

The Elbe is also a sought-after leisure area; the many natural primeval stretches of landscape along the river are visited by many millions of tourists and day excursions. In the Lower Elbe Maritime Landscape valuable traces of the maritime heritage are being preserved and used to develop the potential of the countryside, tourism and local recreation.  The region is also surrounded by two seas, the North Sea and Baltic Sea, with their many large and small ports. The Wadden Sea (Wattenmeer) national park on the North Sea coast is the largest of its kind between the North Pole and Sicily.

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