Regional location information

Hamburg Metropolitan Region is one of the most attractive real estate markets in Germany, according to the study “Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe” from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Urban Land Institute. In terms of investment expectations, Hamburg is in third place after Moscow and Istanbul. However, unlike the other two cities, Hamburg can offer much more secure market conditions.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Regional location information

When it comes to availability of commercial sites, the picture in the Metropolitan Region is heterogeneous. The market reacts to supply and demand and the demand side is on the lookout for sites with good transport connections close to the port, in the centre of Hamburg, or along important transport axes. In view of rising demand from the logistics sector for large, contiguous areas of land, the prospects for commercial sites market are looking commensurately good in the Metropolitan Region. The existing stock of sites like these is now favouring parts of the Metropolitan Region that were "sleeping beauties" just a few years ago.

Plans for new or upgraded transport routes such as the A21, A22, A26 and A39 motorways will once again fundamentally transform the interior economic structure of the Metropolitan Region in coming years.

For some time, the partners within the Metropolitan Region have been pulling together – instead of competing against each other – and focusing on cooperation and joint marketing. At the end of January 2008, the economics and relocation development expert working groups organised an information event about the future development of commercial and industrial sites. Business development agencies in the Metropolitan Region have been organising deltacom, the expansion trade fair since 2002; it is the largest event of its kind in North Germany. The Metropolitan Region’s own magazine has been publishing information about vacant commercial and industrial sites of 10 hectares upwards since 2007.

The location information system IHK-MUSIS, available at regional chambers of commerce, can provide interested parties with wide-ranging analyses on demand. The next step will be the online debut of GEFIS, a joint industrial and commercial site information system. Companies and site developers can use it to search for sites throughout the Metropolitan Region.

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