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Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Port and logistics

The sector – Logistics in the North

Globalisation has led to a huge increase in volumes of worldwide trade. Nowadays, goods are produced in every corner of the globe, from which they then need to be delivered to other parts of the world. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region is a major beneficiary of this trend. Its geographical position at the interface between the booming regions of East Asia and North, Central and Eastern Europe, coupled with its traditional expertise in logistics, makes the Metropolitan Region the best in Northern Europe.

A well functioning logistics sector is indispensable for the efficiency of other economic sectors. Since the era of the Hanseatic League, therefore, the Metropolitan Region and its global trading tradition have been highly competent in this field. Today, logistics means far more than just storage, transport and transhipment. The branch’s responses to pressure on speed and efficiency, highest expectations of quality, as well as the extreme variability of conditions in other parts of the world, have made logistics a high-tech business.

Today, logistics is one of the Metropolitan Region’s most crucial branches. Many companies use the Metropolitan Region for cargo handling, distribution and warehousing. Multinational companies control their global networks from here. A total workforce of 240,000 helps to ensure the success of the logistics cluster – and it’s growing.