Itchy feet? In the Metropolitan Region the faraway is so close

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Tourism

The sector – “Pure relaxation” on the up and up

Tourism in Hamburg Metropolitan Region – a long history of success since the 1980s. Picturesque towns such as Lüneburg or Stade, more than 1,000 years old, are just as popular as the vibrant shopping world of Hamburg. Water plays a decisive role in the region’s tourism business and fascinates visitors – whether it’s the North Sea beach resorts of Cuxhaven or Büsum, port activity in Hamburg or the recreational areas on the Elbe and all the myriad canals and tributaries. This range of opportunities is complemented by unique areas for rest and recuperation. The Lüneburg Heath and Lauenburg lakeland are just two of the many outstanding areas of the region.

More than 140,000 people in Hamburg work directly or indirectly in tourism. This makes the sector the region’s most important employer. Overnight stays have developed very well in recent years. The City of Hamburg contributes to this through its many-faceted world of culture and entertainment. The second strength is day-excursion tourism. Most guests on day trips come from within the Metropolitan Region itself. In the opposite direction, many Hamburgers take off into the region at weekends for excursions to the North or Baltic Sea or into the interior.