Active Metropolitan Region

Whether it’s on water or on land: there is no shortage of sport facilities for children and adults in the Metropolitan Region.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Active Metropolitan Region

This mostly flat north German landscape is an Eldorado for cyclists. Whether it’s the Elbe cycling track, high up on the river embankment in Alte Land, slicing through Lüneburg Heath or skirting a dreamy peat moor landscape – the multitude of cycling routes are an invitation to explore. One very unusual kind of cycling tour is in store at the “erlebnisreich” tourist centre in Mölln: a treasure hunt using GPS! Once a year in spring the roads around Stade are traffic-free. Then the 25 km stretch of road alongside the Elbe embankment belongs to cyclists and skaters alone. We have other tour tips for you ready to download, partially with GPS navigation.

But apart from the saddle of a bike, the region can also be explored from the back of a horse. A dense network of riding routes, as well as many riding hostels, ranging from luxury to simple hay hostels, lead horse and rider through beautiful areas of countryside.

“Roving is the miller’s delight” – far from the Alps in the far north of Germany. Well signposted walking routes – such as the Wendland circular route along the Elbhohenweg or the Klötzi-Stieg – take you through spectacular natural landscape. One special kind of walking experience is certainly only possible in North Germany: mud walking on the wadden (Wattenmeer) at the North Sea coast. Walking the mud flats with a tour leader will reveal many interesting secrets of the mysterious wadden and its inhabitants.

You can experience our region from a completely new perspective from the water. After you’ve done a canoe tour in the Stör-Holsteiner Auenland water sports area, you will realise that the jungle is out there, virtually on our front doorstep. Other popular areas for water sports enthusiasts are the great Elbe and Wümme rivers and their quiet tributaries – canoeists, sailors or motor boat skippers will all find what they’re looking for.

For golf fans there are many golf courses to choose from. Stylish golf hotels and luxurious golf facilities offer wide-open spaces and tranquillity – and optimal conditions for playing golf.

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