Experiencing quality of life

Cosmopolitan city life and gentle hills, mammoth cruise ships and idyllic lake land, coasts and sea, manor houses and castles, villages and towns – a trip through Hamburg Metropolitan Region has so many highlights.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region – Perceived quality of life

Scarcely any other region of Germany offers such quality of life. The Elbe, North and Baltic seas are a paradise for water sport fans. Good cycling paths, idyllic routes for walking and horse riding, numerous public and private golf courses, exclusive hotels and romantic holiday homes – the list of attractions in Hamburg Metropolitan Region is almost endless.

And best of all: everything is easy to reach. It doesn’t matter whether you travel by plane, use the well developed regional or local public transport network, or car or bicycle. The good things of life are always within reach here. Make a discovery tour through the Hamburg Metropolitan Region!

Where to go

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